One low price

Receive all of Qridi Core's functionality for one low price, with volume discounts for larger schools. Expert customization available for reasonable additional fees.

Large screen devices only. MYP and DP coming soon!

Getting to know Qridi Core

We also offer a tailored trial period with pedagogical and technical support to ensure Qridi Core's effective support in your context before you make a full commitment. Choose the "Getting to Know Qridi Core" trial, and you will be fully supported every step of the way by our pedagogical and technical personnel for a period of six weeks for the low price of 500€ + possible taxes. When you make a decision to commit to a regular subscription, we will deduct this trial payment from your invoice.

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Transforming Learning with Qridi Core

Watch this video from our educational consultant to support your school's journey toward using digital tools for planning, teaching, learning, and reflecting.

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